What are the processing requirements of aluminum curved solid panel?


The application range of aluminum curved solid panel is very wide, and there are many requirements in its use. In order to better meet the requirements in the process of using this product, the processing process of this product is very worthy of attention. But for the vast number of manufacturers of this product, what processing requirements do they have?

  Firstly, the requirements of sheet metal processing are very high for sheet metal processing in the process of producing aluminum curved solid panel, which requires the majority of manufacturers to have complete blanking, shearing bending and bending machine for machining arc panel in the process of production, and must be able to realize all kinds of complex shape sheet metal processing with basic size of 4 meters, in addition, manufacturers should be equipped with good welding equipment. Only in this way can we ensure that the welding, sealing angle and reinforcement nailing of aluminum curved solid panel can be completed more efficiently and with higher quality. Of course, polishing and grinding equipment is also essential, every manufacturer should pay attention to this aspect.

  Secondly, the requirement of spraying processing must be a chemical treatment before spraying, that is, some chemical solvents are used to remove some non-polar or organic stains on the surface of metal panel. After this step, the natural oxide layer is removed, and then special chemical reagents are needed to make the surface of the product produce oxide film, so that the metal surface can produce rust resistance. After the above steps have been carried out, the spraying process can be carried out. Each of these steps is very important and indispensable, no matter which step is missing, it will have a negative impact on the product.

   To sum up, the processing requirements of aluminum curved solid panel mainly include the sheet metal processing requirements and spray processing requirements introduced above. As a manufacturer, we must pay full attention to the above requirements, so as to continuously promote the development of the manufacturers ourselves.