How to choose the thickness standard of the aluminum wall panel

  Now more and more buildings to start to install the aluminum wall panel, the aluminum wall panel not only has the effect of heat preservation and energy saving, but also can make the building look more beautiful. But for many people in the industry, because there is no excessive touch of the aluminum wall panel, you don’t know how to determine the thickness of the aluminum panel used, and if you want to know how to select it, take a good look at this article.

  1, the panel thickness range

  If you want to know how to select the material of the aluminum wall panel with different specifications and thickness, you should understand the thickness of the aluminum wall panel. At present, the thickness of most aluminum wall panel is between 0.6 mm and 5 mm. The aluminum wall panel shall be installed on any building, and shall be controlled within this range when the panel is selected so as to meet the requirements of various building codes. And then select the most appropriate one according to the specific needs.

2. The thickness standard of the aluminum wall panel of the outer wall

  Now the exterior aluminum wall panel is installed in most buildings. The exterior wall is different from the inner wall. It is not only necessary to consider the bearing problem, but also to take into account the sunshine and various weather conditions. Only in this way can the aluminum wall panel be truly ensured that safety accidents will not occur due to damage during the long-term use. According to the building code, the thickness of the aluminum wall panel used by the exterior wall should be more than 2.5 mm, only so that the external impact can be resisted, and if the thickness is too small, it is likely to fall off or damage in the typhoon-prone season, so that the high-altitude falling object can be easily caused to cause personal injury accidents, So the thickness of the panel must meet this standard.

  I Believe in this article, you have a certain understanding of the aluminum wall panel, and hope that the above suggestions can help you.