Characteristics of Aluminum solid panel in Lightning Protection and Fire Protection

  Aluminum solid panel is a widely used decoration building material. This kind of building material is mainly characterized by good corrosion resistance and weather resistance. Under long-term ultraviolet irradiation, it can be kept unfading for a long time, and will not be powdered, so it has a long service life. The characteristics of aluminum solid panels are as follows.

  First, lightning protection

  We can feel from the name of the aluminum solid panel, as a metal material, it will have a strong conductivity, in fact. The aluminum solid panel has a strong lightning protection characteristics.

  German researchers have done good scientific experiments on the above characteristics. Through the experiment, we can see that in the moment of lightning strike aluminum solid panel, the connection mode of curtain wall is adopted, which can effectively avoid lightning strike. Moreover, in the case of continuous current, for some metal materials, there is still a very melting situation, but because the aluminum solid panel is a kind of consistent material, it will have good insulation.

  Second, fire prevention

  Fire often occurs in life, and many fires will cause serious consequences. Therefore, for decoration materials, if there is a strong fire resistance, there will be better promotion and use value. And aluminum solid panel in the case of fire, will not burn. Therefore, the probability of fire can be reduced to the greatest extent.

  But one of the problems we should pay attention to is the high prime cost of aluminum solid panel. Therefore, when using, we must pay attention to the proportion of reference value to avoid the occurrence of large waste. Before using, do a good job of measurement, do a good job of calculation.