How to carry out the transportation and packaging of the aluminum double curved solid panel

 After the finished aluminum double curved solid panel has finished the specific production process, how to carry out the packaging and transportation to ensure that the product is in good condition and safe to be transported to the construction site? Although the wear resistance of the aluminum double curved solid panel is particularly good, it is certainly necessary to carry out protection and the packaging to carry out the transportation.

  1. The function of covering a layer of the film on

  The film is to prevent the aluminum panel from being scratched, and the co-workers shall prepare some foam strips to be placed in the groove on the back of the aluminum panel. And the deformation and damage of the aluminum panel under the interaction can be prevented.

  2. wrap the foam film 

  In this way the stress on the surface of the aluminum panel can be reduced, the poor condition of extrusion or deformation under the action of external force is reduced, and a layer of the foam protective film can also ensure that the surface of the aluminum panel is not in contact with the rain water when in rainy days so as to ensure the integrity of the aluminum panel to reaching the construction site.

  3. the paper box packaging

  On noe hand,it is for environmental protection and cost reduction, and on the other hand, the thickness and specification of the aluminum panel can be as clear as daynight, and the discharge of the aluminum plate can be made more orderly.

  4. the wooden frame is used

   The wooden frame is uesd for protecting so that the collision and even the pressing between the boxes can be reduced, which can be said to maximize the protection safety of the aluminum panel.

  While the transportation process of the aluminum double curved solid panel is wide, the safety protection and the timeliness of the transportation are not ignored. In particular, a number of specially shaped aluminum double curved solid panel are also particularly protected.